Convention of States Action Center

by Citizens for Self-Governance

Walking the Road to Freedom

The success of the Convention of States Project depends on you. This simple and realistic plan puts the power to change this nation firmly back into your hands:

  • State Leaders build a viable operation active in at least 40 states, comprised of approximately 4000 state house districts. The goal is to have a viable operation in at least 3000 of these districts by recruiting 3000 District Captains.
  • District Captains recruit at least 100 people in each district to contact their state legislators to support a convention of states, and turn out at least 25 citizen activists per district at legislative hearings.

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E-mail your state legislator to support of Convention of States using our automated system.  It’s just a click away.

Expected time commitment: 3 minutes

State Director

As the State Director, you will guide your state to victory and act as a liaison between statewide volunteers and the Convention of States national headquarters.

Responsibilities include...

  • Recruit District Captains and mobilize volunteers in your state.
  • Build state victory strategy with your state’s leadership team, and host regular state conference calls.
  • Speak at events to raise support and rally efforts across the state.
  • Report weekly progress throughout your state to Convention of States, and participate in monthly conference calls with other State Directors and State Leaders.

Expected commitment level: 8 - 10 hours per week

Coalitions Director

As a Coalitions Director, work to build favorable relationships with statewide and local organizations to gain their support in the movement. Responsibilities include...

  • Network with state and local organizations to build partnerships with Convention of States.
  • Represent Convention of States at events and host educational presentations.
  • Report weekly progress to State Director and participate in regular State and National conference calls.

Expected commitment level: 15 - 20 hours per month

District Captain, State House

As a District Captain, you will lead other volunteers in your State House legislative district, and be proactive in raising grassroots support. Responsibilities include:

  • Recruit 100 + volunteers in your district by having them sign up on our website, and act as a point person.
  • Educate your district about Article V and Convention of States.
  • Report weekly progress to your State Director and participate in regular state and national conference calls.

Expected commitment level: 15 - 20 hours per month

Legislative Liaison

As your state’s official Legislative Liaison, you will guide the Convention of States resolution through your state legislature. Ideally located close to the state capitol, you will actively work with state legislators to encourage support of the Convention of States Project. Responsibilities include:

  • Educate and build relationships with state legislators and encourage their support to pass a request for a Convention of States.
  • Strategize with State Director to connect volunteer efforts with the legislative process.
  • Participate in regular state and national conference calls.

Expected commitment level: 15 - 20 hours per month